About us

Our ethical statement guides the very core of our decision making.

  • We believe no one should be excluded the opportunity for employment
  • We will not profit on the exclusion of people
  • To turn subjective decisions in to objective ones
  • We are responsible for the ethical development of our technology.

Our goal is for people to understand people

Each of us has a unique story, and there are 7.5 billion of us around the world. Connecting people is easy, but truely understanding each other is one of the most unknown parts of human kind. 

Something that is common is the want to work, and it forms such a significant part of our lives, whether it is preparing ourselves to enter the workforce, finding work, working, or transitioning out of work. It is one of the most significant universal elements of almost every person’s life. 

Yet human behaviours, our compatibility with each other, and knowing what makes us tick, is one of the most uncertain things. Our goal in talentswot is to understand the individual, remove the subjective notions and allow people and employers to make objective decisions in the workforce. 

By understanding the nuances and complexities of human behaviours and interactions, we aim to provide the most stable, satisfying match between employer and employee for the world’s working population.

Make it simple

One of the hardest things is making things simple. And we’ve worked tirelessly to provide you with a cloud based solution that lets you get back to work. 

For your business

We'll walk you through it so its perfect for your business

Every business has its uniqueness. We’ll be there to help make TalentSwot work for your culture and work requirements. 

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Its all about culture and purpose. We look for people who can challenge and contribute to our vision. Be part of an evolving, highly diverse business. 

We are currently looking for the following positions:

  • Lead developer
  • Client manager
  • Marketing Specialist

Our experts


Marco Van Damme

Managing Director - EMEA


Andrew Rufatt

Founder - CEO


Vlad Konovalov

Product Manager


Skyler Ilenstine

Computational Linguist

Ryan Priest

Chief Technology Officer