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17th October, 2017. Melbourne, Australia

Australian AI startup removes recruiting barriers faced by thousands in job search

Press Release for Immediate Distribution

Melbourne, Victoria, October 17th 2017 – Australian startup TalentSwot is excited to announce the upcoming launch of their artificial intelligence assistant, ‘Debra’ at the HR technology world summit in Amsterdam later this month.

“We are proud to be representing Australia in the upcoming HR technology world summit, and bringing something good to the world through our Artificial Intelligence assistant.” – Andrew Rufatt, Chief Executive Officer. TalentSwot.

Debra replaces job application forms, resumés, and phone interviews, with dialogue that facilitates conversations between the applicant and the organisation. This chat-based solution allows the employer to gather insights into each candidate’s personality without the need for quizzes and questionnaires.  

“Candidates filling out job applications and participating in phone interviews perform as though they are being interrogated, and present themselves in a way that isn’t typical of their day-to-day performance. Creating conversations via technology is the norm in every other aspect of life, and this is exactly what the prospective employer can now assess candidates on their strengths and driver.” – Ryan Priest, Chief Technology Officer. TalentSwot.

TalentSwot’s Debra enables multiple means in which candidates communicate. This creates an inclusive solution that ensures candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds are not inhibited by the application process. This is the first step an organisation can take to enabling access to an broader, skilled, and diverse talent pool.

“Our entire organisation is driven by the belief that no one should be prevented the opportunity of gainful employment. We are in a world where, through technology, we can make a difference by encouraging workforce participation in those who have traditionally been left behind.” Andrew Rufatt, Chief Executive Officer. TalentSwot.

TalentSwot is a member of Pledge 1% and Pride in Diversity.