Seamlessly shortlist candidates through real people insights

Confidently determine every candidate’s personality to a statistically significant level without the need for traditional quizzes and questionnaires.

Intelligently shortlist candidates based on behaviours and insights

Significantly reduce the manual steps involved in the recruiting process. Reduce conscious and unconscious bias whilst shortening your time to fill and recruit only the best candidates.
Candidate dashboard

How It Works

Step 1. Create The Job

Create the new job, set the criteria, job specifics and ideal candidate traits. Deploy Debra, the Ai candidate management bot and advertise the position across your network.
Set personality traits

Step 2. Applicants Self-Screen

Applicants self-screen with Debra, which automatically creates their profile against the job in TalentSwot. Resumes and chat transcripts are automatically analysed to identify their personality traits.
Add applications and view candidate scores

Step 3. Deliver Your Shortlist

Review your candidates and chat transcripts. Follow your normal recruiting processes and hire only the best talent.
View your shortlist

150+ Candidates Screened

Using Debra, our Ai chatbot, candidates self-screen and register their application without human interaction.

32% Retention Increase

By aligning personality to your customers cultural fit and personality trait requirements.

Reduced Time To Fill

Using self-screening and resume reading technology, less intervention and more automation.